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Curator’s Statement

The Art on the Wall series is part of a multi-cultural exploration into the nature of creativity and understanding. The first four exhibitions focused on the elements of earth, air, fire, and water through the perspective of Classical Greek influences and the Western interpretation of the world around us. This exhibition begins a series that takes its inspiration from the five Chinese “elements” as expressed through the Wu Xing as the interactions between Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal. Also referred to as phases or processes, this five-fold conceptual scheme expresses the interaction and interdependence between elements – for example, water (enriched with earth’s minerals and metals) nourishes wood. Wood fuels fire and creates ash (a component of earth) from which metals are derived.

This year’s new work investigates STONE (a component of earth). As before, twelve artists were given identical formats and asked to interpret the theme in any way they wanted with any medium. The resulting work speaks for itself. The artists hope their work will create within you some thoughtful responses and questions. For insights, see inside this brochure. New this year is an interactive piece by Joan Neubauer. She encourages you to examine the book (very carefully) and look through the ideas and concepts she presents about stone.

Carol Hassen, 2015

Art on the Wall 2015 Brochure


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