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Curator’s Statement

The theme for this year’s Art on the Wall at the Fourth Street Theatre is “Fire.” This is the fourth year for Art on the Wall and the theme follows the idea of the four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. The show title, “Central Washington Artists Explore the Power of Fire” speaks to the heart of the show where 12 artists were given identical formats with a common theme and asked to do whatever they wanted in any medium that would fit the format. The resulting show speaks volumes.

Of the four elements, fire creates a more active response in us where water, earth, and air create a passive response. It is the power of fire that we feel and see. Many of the artists in their statements talk about the destruction of fire, and then the rebirth that follows. In addition to the fear of fire present in our natural surroundings, fire is also essential to our survival providing heat for cooking and comfortable living conditions. Like the other elements, we could not exist without it. Hopefully these artists will provide some thoughtful responses for the audience to experience.

Carol Hassen, 2014

Art on the Wall 2014 Brochure


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