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Curator’s Statement

The theme for this year’s Art on the Wall at the 4th Street Theatre is Earth. More specifically, it is -- Our Piece of Earth: Interpretations by Central Washington Artists. This is the second year for Art on The Wall and the theme follows the idea of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Traveling makes a person aware of how our own personal piece of this earth has its own customs, language, priorities, and personalities. It makes us appreciate what we have. Living in Central Washington truly is a gift filled with earthly beauty complete with abundant views of our mountains and valleys. Artists were selected to use their specific artistic styles to interpret the beauty and the space they observe around them. This body of work represents the artist’s individual response to the earth and the individual space in which they live.

Carol Hassen, Fall 2012 

Art on the Wall 2012 Brochure


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