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Art on the Wall 2020

Curator’s Statement

The Art on the Wall series has been part of a multi-cultural exploration into the nature of creativity and understanding of the world in us and around us. The decade-long series included the Classical Greek elements (earth, air, fire and water) and additional Chinese elements (stone, metal and wood), followed by light and carnival. This year – the last in the series – explores music.

Ten artist-couples and one pair of very good friends were chosen to explore this theme. Music is a collaborative event and the artists had to work collaboratively as well. The artists (the composer) orchestrated their materials and imagery (the score) to interpret the theme (the conductor and musicians) to present to us (the audience) something new and innovative. As before, the artists were given identical formats to work with and encouraged to explore the theme in any way they wished with whatever materials were required. As they explored the elements shared by music and the visual arts – rhythm, texture, form, unity – they created unique works that explore what music is, what music means, and how music affects us. Enjoy!

It has been a pleasure to have worked with Steve Caffery in developing this project and with Charlie Robin to see the project through to its conclusion. Thank you to the 96 artists I have had the pleasure with which to work, and the Capitol Theatre staff who have helped make this project successful. And thank you to the people of south-central Washington that have seen and enjoyed this endeavor.

Carol Hassen, 2020

Art on the Wall 2020 Brochure


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