About Us

Dedicated to enriching performing arts and entertainment in Central Washington.

Premier Entertainment Center of Central Washington.

Originally built in 1920, The Capitol Theatre has been serving the community for nearly a century. Just after being purchased by the City of Yakima in 1975, much of the Capitol burned to the ground in a tragic fire, leaving nothing but a smoldering facade. The newly formed nonprofit, Capitol Theatre Committee, led fundraising efforts to restore the Theatre to its original glory. It reopened in 1978 (just 733 days after the fire).

Today, The Capitol Theatre Committee (CTC) is a community based, volunteer board-driven, nonprofit organization. For the past 35-years, the CTC has programmed, managed and maintained the City owned Capitol Theatre facilities. Annually, the CTC presents and/or hosts an average of 175 events sponsored by 65 separate community and for-profit promoters generating an annual attendance of 65,000 (65% of facility use is by local organizations, 25% by CTC sponsored events and 10% by outside, for-profit, promoters). The CTC is responsible for facilitating access to all events including large scale national tours, the Yakima Symphony Orchestra and Town Hall speaker seasons, local dance recitals and community events.

Board of Directors

Mike Latimer - President
Karla Farina - Vice President
Dan Hagerty - Vice President
Dick Picatii - Vice President
Mina Worthington - Vice President
Judi Brown - Secretary
Pam Cleaver - Treasurer
Karen Hyatt - Past President
Michelle Hudson - Backstage President
Kathy Coffey - City Representative
Jen Collins
Gay Dorsey
Pablo Ferrando
Suzanne Garrison
Karren Jundt
Rick Linneweh
Jordan Matson
Don Moen
Brendan Monahan
Mike Norton
Nora Requena
Jorge Torres-Saenz