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Shorty McCall's Spirit Series


Who is Shorty McCall?

Details about Shorty McCall and his ties to the Capitol Theatre are hard to find. Most of what we know comes from stories and rumors. It’s said Shorty was a stagehand in the early 1900’s who took his own life at the theatre after being rejected by an actress. But it isn’t Shorty’s tragic end that makes him a part of the Capitol’s history.  It’s his antics since that time that have kept him alive in the minds of staff, patrons, and even a few ghost hunters. Strange things happen at the Capitol. Every old building has flickering lights and creaking hallways, but our theatre has more than its fair share of unexplainable events—like missing documents found in a locked room above the stage, only accessible with a ladder. The door to that room would be locked tight at night when everyone left and found wide open the next morning. Between that, random flushing toilets, and footsteps in empty hallways, Shorty’s spirit has captured the imagination of more than a few skeptics over the years.

That is why when we found that we weren’t going to be hosting live shows this fall, we decided to turn the theatre over to Shorty—since he also can’t be in “live” shows (get it?). There will be no actual performances or tickets. But we’d like to think this is would be a series Shorty would “die” for.


Why offer a series with no actual performances?

This spring our donors showed us considerable support for which we are incredibly grateful. It helped us cover costs associated with cancelling shows and helped us weather the spring and summer months. We’ve cut full time staff hours and unessential costs, but maintaining a 100-year old building is challenging. We finally have time to implement some much-needed capital improvements funded by the City, but those funds won’t cover our operational costs. Typically, we rely on donations as well as our annual subscriptions and ticket sales to help us maintain operations. So, although we can’t host live shows this year, we are asking you to purchase your regular subscription or a partial subscription to help us get through this season. You don’t have to subscribe this year to maintain your seats next year, but any help is greatly appreciated. The Spirit Series is just our way of asking you to keep the spirit of the Capitol alive through these challenging times.

A spoof poster of a magic act featuring a ghost in a white sheetA spoof poster of the musical The Sound of Music, featuring a ghost in a sheet wearing lederhosenA spoof poster of the musical the Phantom of the Opera featuring a ghost in a white sheetA spoof poster of the ballet Swan Lake featuring a ghost in a white sheet

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