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Genipher Messer

Genipher Messer

Capitol Friends Coordinator

 For nearly 25 years Genipher has worked within the marketing and advertising arena. Television, radio, print, outdoor, digital, graphic design, she's done it all! She has the ability to look at a business and quickly separate tactical issues from the strategic, and as a fast learner, can effectively drill down core business strategies and develop effective marketing plans.

Genipher is known for her ability to think creatively about new solutions to conventional problems. She's intensely collaborative in her approach to business dealings both internally and externally and is thought of as both an idea person and a team player. She's the kind of person who's not afraid to ask "why" and equally unafraid to ask "why not?"

When she is not thinking about the next greatest idea, she loves spending time in the garden and with her husband and two boys where it is all things baseball!

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