We're grateful for the ongoing support of our volunteers, who play an integral part in our non-profit organization. As a volunteer for The Capitol Theatre, you'll have the opportunity to share your time and talents in a variety of ways. We're always looking for individuals to lend a hand in our office, and to help with our various community programs and special events. (Ushers are paid staff positions.)


Who is Backstage? Dedicated to the facility and all who come; supporting performing arts for our youth; fund raising; building an endowment -- and a little fun. Like the traditional definition, Backstage is where the magic happens; where everything comes together so what you see on stage looks effortless. Our Backstage is the volunteer organization formed in 1981, at the request of the Capitol Theatre Committee’s Board of Directors to help maintain the Theatre, develop programs and community services along with raising the funds to support them. And, after well over thirty-years, Backstage continues to serve and support the Theatre with over a hundred dues paying members who represent not only the heritage that is the Capitol Theatre but its future as well.

The past five years have been very busy. In addition to our normal charges, Backstage was behind the scenes helping to equip our new Production Center and 4th Street Theatre (including producing its two-day grand public opening.) We continue to support programs through fund raising and building the endowment and have begun a new focus of introducing the performing arts to our youth through the CTC’s children’s program, Capitol Kids.

I want to thank all our members for their commitment and dedication to make the Capitol Theatre the centerpiece of our community’s identity and quality-of-life.

Suzanne Garrison
Backstage President

For more information about joining our volunteer team, please contact Gay Parker, General Manager, at 509.853.8000 or e-mail gay@capitoltheatre.org.

Our Volunteeers

When it comes to giving, some people will stop at nothing.

Volunteers: Lesley Hahn, Kelly McKinney & Cristeen Valicoff