Community Outreach

Quality of Life…
It’s not so much what we’re given, but what we do with it, for ourselves and for others.

The Capitol Theatre Committee (CTC) strives to provide art and entertainment opportunities that improve the quality of life for everyone—Theatre patrons, other area businesses and organizations, the children who live a few blocks down the road. Dedicated to service, the CTC is committed to ensuring that The Capitol Theatre remains more than just a performance venue for Yakima. The Theatre is—and always will be—a part of the heritage and fabric of our Valley, with a mission dedicated to improving the quality of life for all who live here.

Capitol Community Partners

Each year, The Capitol Theatre partners with other local organizations to improve life here in the Yakima Valley. Two organizations have collaborated with the theatre for years; Yakima Town Hall Lecture Series and the Yakima Symphony Orchestra. Both the Town Hall and the Orchestra call The Capitol Theatre their home, and each use the mainstage at least four times a year. Partnerships like this allow thousands of community residents—as well as visitors—the opportunity to hear engaging speakers and experience world-renowned music in Yakima.

Capitol Kids

As schools are forced to reduce spending, arts education programs are often the first to go. Capitol Kids was designed to help ensure that children across the Valley continue to have access to engaging, artistic experiences. Teachers, administrators and parents have raved about Capitol Kids since it launched in 2006.