The 4th Street Theatre

Imagine sitting at a table in a club, sharing a glass of wine with your closest friends. The lights dim and not twenty feet from where you are sitting a performance begins. The actors are excellent—you can see every nuance and expression—and soon it’s hard to tell where the stage stops and the audience begins…

This is The Capitol’s new 4th Street Theatre. A smaller venue, designed for more intimate forms of entertainment; a unique opportunity to enjoy live performance in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.

Offering wine, beer and top-rate entertainment, the 4th Street Theatre is Yakima’s perfect respite from the real world… your own getaway… just down the street.

The entrance to the 4th Street Theatre is located on 4th street, east of the Capitol Theatre Main Stage entrance.

Wheelchair Seating

Always available, no need to call for advance reservations


Wheelchair accessible and available for travel between the 4th Street Theatre Lobby and the 4th Street Theatre


Located on the same floor as the theatre, includes handicap facilities


Available before performances and durring intermissions in the 4th Street Theatre (includes beer and wine)

Arrival Time

The 4th Street Theatre opens 1 hour prior to curtain time. Beer and wine is available for purchase

All performances start promptly; unfortunately, latecomers cannot be seated until the first suitable pause in the show. Please check tickets for show time.


For many patrons, attending a live performance is a special occasion, but formal wear is not required in either theatre. Attire generally varies. Above all, we want you to feel comfortable.